In addition to our luxury private tours, we offer a number of services that may be of interest to you while you are on your vacation with Destination West.


Please indicate which of these you would like to include in your package on the reservation form when you make your reservation with us.

Additional Security

​(Police escort)


At Destination West, we recognize that our high-profile guests may be in need of stricter security. As such, we would like to offer the service of a private security officer escort. Our private security officer has a military background and current employment with a ​Wyoming Sheriff's Department. You will be accompanied by the security officer at all times to ensure ​your safety. The officer will arrive at each location ahead of the tour to secure the premises before your ​arrival. He will be out of uniform and traveling in an unmarked car to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.


This service is available to our guests on any of our tours for a small fee of $2500.

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Real Estate in Jackson WY

Real Estate Mogul


If you are interested in real estate investments, we have partnered with a real estate agent in Jackson Hole, WY that would be glad to show you what he may have available that would suit your needs. This meeting will happen in place of the Snake River Float Tour that will be on the 2nd day. It is not necessary for the entire group to miss the river tour, so if you would like to speak with a real estate agent during this time, the other guests will not be affected.

Click Here to visit the agent's website and see his current listings.

​This service is available at no extra charge.

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