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Yellowstone National Park isLuxury Travel Companies one of Americas most fascinating locations.  It is visited by over 3 million people ever year.  But how do people visit the park?  If you are interested in traveling to Yellowstone you only have a handful of options.

Fly in and Rent a Car

You could fly in to the nearest airport in Jackson, Wyoming, rent a car, and drive yourself around.  This is what many people do and it’s really not a bad choice for people who love to be independent and enjoy the process of trying to figure out which of the hundreds of attractions in Yellowstone National Park they want to spend their time on.   It takes some time to do the research and, frankly, the best way knowledge of the park is gained through experience.

Road Trip

Similarly, some prefer to take a road trip from where ever within the country they Yellowstone Road Triporiginated.  This is also a great option for people who are on a budget or prefer their independence.  It also involves a lot of planning and preparation.  Not only planning about how to best spend their time in the park but also about where to stay, where to eat, and where gas is available and where it isn’t.   Many people don’t want the pressure of having to plan out their whole vacation and drive from attraction to attraction.  That’s where the next option comes in.

Large Tour Group

Yellowstone National Park has a large number of tour groups that visit every year.  Tourists, especially tourists from overseas, often take advantage of these tour buses.  It’s a great alternative to driving yourself though the park Yellowstone Tour Busbecause they’ve got the experience and know the park well enough to make even a short tour through the park a much more enjoyable experience.  Not only do they know all of the best places to see, but they also can plan out your day so that when you get hungry there is food nearby.  (There are quite few services within the park.)  This style of traveling isn’t for everyone, however.  Many people find traveling with a large group annoying or inconvenient.  There are many people you don’t know and there is very little flexibility in your schedule.

Luxury Travel Companies

We at Destination West have the solution.  We have planned out a tour including all of the best the park has to offer and we do it in a Hummer H2 stretch limousine that seats up to 17 Luxury Travel Companiesguests.  What’s even better is that we offer private tours to guarantee that you won’t have to travel with anybody but the people in your own group.  We are the leader of luxury travel companies serving Yellowstone National Park and the only one of the luxury travel companies that tours the park in a stretch limousine.  Want to have a drink on the road?  No problem.  We have our liquor license.   So, sit back, have a drink and let us do all the work so you can have a truly luxurious vacation of America’s first National Park and surrounding areas.

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